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Average Time Spent on Mobile Devices Has Increased

Even with companies like Google and Apple installing screen time controls, user behavior has not shifted to reflect screen time concerns. For the first time ever, average US time spent on mobile has surpassed the amount of time adults spend watching TV.

Jacob Hawkins

Jun 7, 2019

by Jacob Hawkins
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The Current State of Ad Fraud

New statistics show ad fraud is down this year from 2017 but continues to be one of the main issues for advertisers and can deter them from spending more money.

Alexi Melssen

May 20, 2019

by Alexi Melssen
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Twitter is Changing How They Sell Ads

Twitter is positioning itself as the unique social media platform that focuses on “look at this” rather than “look at me” like Facebook and Instagram and it’s status as number 1 for discovery.

Maxeen Gomez

Mar 27, 2019

by Maxeen Gomez
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