BASK Digital Media is a full-service digital strategy and marketing agency specializing in public affairs efforts, issue advocacy, and ballot measures across California and the United States.

Digital strategy touches every part of a campaign -- from developing a communication strategy, building and managing platforms, designing engaging content and videos, executing email marketing programs, writing strategic fundraising efforts, to analyzing data and polling, and running voter-targeted digital advertising. BASK is the experienced team that you can rely on to win.



A company of 30 with experience on more than 419 projects since 2009. Our experience means we deliver efficiency, speed, accuracy, and sophistication to your campaign.


No two campaigns are alike. We implement a unique strategy suited specifically for your needs.


All your information at your fingertips in one place. It’s that simple.


We don’t operate in days or weeks. We operate in minutes and hours. Politics moves fast and so do we.

Digital Advertising.

Digital advertising is our strong suit. All screens, all platforms, all ad types. Combining cutting edge technology, deep industry experience, and data-backed learnings we reach and persuade your target audience at the optimal frequency across all channels giving you a leg up on your competition.

Connected TV.

CTV adoption continues to surge, surpassing expectations and hitting record heights. With 30% of households expected to cut the cord by the end of next year, it's more important than ever to rely on a team of experts who understand the intricacies of the OTT landscape.

Data and Analytics.

Data drives everything we do. Whether it’s using modeled voter data for targeted advertising, interpreting polling for better messaging, or ensuring the data flows efficiently between digital platforms.


New products and methodologies are being released faster than ever before. You can rely on us to recommend and apply the newest and best tools, giving your campaign the edge you need to win.


We have partnered with the largest names in the digital space - Google, Facebook, comScore, and more, to run some of the most sophisticated studies in politics and we apply those learnings across all of our campaigns.

Products We Provide

  • Products We Provide

    Digital communication consulting

    We know how to amplify your message to your target audience through customized strategies tailored to each type of digital platform.

  • Products We Provide

    Digital Advertising

    We have a dedicated in-house team placing and optimizing advertising campaigns across all screens, platforms, and ad types. Using data-proven strategies, we methodically curate our media mix to reach your audience at the optimal frequency. The outcome is a sophisticated communication strategy that drives results.

  • Products We Provide

    Connected TV

    Not only is today’s media consumption more fragmented than ever but the technologies themselves only continue to change. Unfortunately, reaching cord cutters is not as simple as just running ads on Hulu or through an ad network. Our team are experts in the complexity of the ever-evolving OTT landscape, ensuring your message gets in front of those hard-to-reach audiences.

  • Products We Provide

    Website design and development

    Mobile devices account for more than 60% of your website visitors. We implement a mobile-first design strategy with the focus on creating clean, intuitive, and actionable websites using best practices for today’s web platforms.

  • Products We Provide

    Social media management

    Our goal is to create a large, authentic group of supporters, drive engagement, and develop advocates. Our approach to social media management is not about posting a certain amount of posts per week, it’s about cultivating an engaged community.

  • Products We Provide

    Graphic Design

    The design strategy for a banner ad is very different than a pamphlet or a direct mail piece. Our team of graphic designers know how to best design for the web and they tailor their designs to meet the overall goals of the campaign. Our team designs social graphics, banner ads, animations, logos, branding materials, and more.

  • Products We Provide

    Video Production

    We create highly refined digital-first videos that are structured to grab attention to communicate your message effectively at the front end and custom-tailored to each screen.

  • Products We Provide

    Data management

    Digital campaigns produce and ingest a lot of data. Everything needs to work together. We ensure your data is actionable and connects seamlessly.

  • Products We Provide

    Custom application development

    We will help you identify your needs, workflow, and data structure to create a roadmap for development. We will identify the resources needed for the project and make sure it is completed in a timely manner.

  • Products We Provide

    SMS & MMS texting

    Over 90 percent of text messages are read within minutes and results in a higher average click-through rate than email marketing. Cut through the noise with texting to communicate with your supporters, constituents, or target audience.

What We've Done

419 Projects

45 States

7.4 Billion Advertising Impressions

2 Billion Video Views

279 Websites Developed

$243 Million in Digital Ads Served

360 Million Social Engagements

6,211 Pieces of Creative Made

our leadership

BASK's leadership includes political and digital strategists that are the best in the business. They lead a team of 30 in-house strategists, advertisers, and creatives in developing and deploying winning strategies.

Adam Stoll - CEO
Adam StollCEO
Amanda Bloom Malo - President
Amanda MaloPresident
Andrea Grohovsky - Executive Vice President
Andrea GrohovskyExecutive Vice President
Alexi Mellady - Vice President of Media
Alexi MelladyVice President of Media
Jere Ford - Director of Campaigns
Jere FordVice President of Accounts


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