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YouTube Takes Over the Big Screen

In 2020, CTV viewership multiplied across the board and YouTube was surely not left out of that growth. US YouTube viewers are increasingly moving toward watching videos on CTV devices. eMarketer estimates that 52% of YouTube users in the US watched YouTube content on connected TVs in 2020, and they expect those numbers to increase in the coming years. 

YouTube viewership on all devices continues to grow year over year. According to Comscore, YouTube is second to only Netflix in hours spent watching on CTV, making it the number 1 ad-supported CTV streaming service. This reinforces YouTube’s prowess not only in the digital video space, but also amongst the giants of streaming. 

From eMarketer: 

Looking ahead: Over 60% of US YouTube viewers (140.1 million viewers) will watch the platform’s content on CTVs by 2024.

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Paige Severson
by Paige Severson


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