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While both digital and linear TV remain essential to advertisers, digital video consumption continues to rise steadily. As reported by eMarketer, digital video consumption is anticipated to increase by 5.7% to an estimated 3 hours and 50 minutes per day this year. While linear TV consumption has seen a consistent decrease, critical viewership amongst individuals A35+ has slowed the decline.

Subscription streaming platforms account for a large piece of the digital video consumption pie, estimated to account for 1 hour and 49 minutes daily. These platforms continue to intensify efforts to draw new users, rolling out tiered subscription options to increase sign-ups, including ad-supported viewing. Most major platforms, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Max, have added ad-supported subscription options. Netflix took efforts a step further with their newsworthy move to combat password sharing, and it’s anticipated other top platforms will follow suit, which is good news to advertisers, as this leads to more ad-supported subscriptions, and therefore more inventory across all significant players.

These platforms will only increase in importance as more people cut the cord. Since ad-supported viewing is new to some platforms, advertisers should consider that inventory will be competitive as these platforms are hesitant to overload viewers with ads, and political advertisers should closely monitor which platforms allow political advertising.

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