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Unlocking the 2024 Election: Dive into the Trends Shaping the Race

In the midst of a crucial election year in the US, where record-breaking political ad spend is anticipated, a few key trends are set to shape the political landscape.

Among these trends, the prioritization of Connected TV (CTV) stands out prominently. As reported by e-Marketer, digital political ad spend is projected to reach $3.46 billion, with 45% allocated to CTV, compared to 19% in 2020. This marks a significant increase, nearly three times higher in comparison.

Advertisers should continue prioritizing engagement with young voters on platforms where they spend the most time, such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This is highlighted by the Biden campaign, which has established a presence on TikTok with the use of organic content to engage with younger demographics, regardless of the app’s paid political advertising ban.

In addition to the trends highlighted above, the evolving AI-influenced landscape is leading various social platforms to establish processes to combat misinformation, so advertisers should continue to keep an eye on the platform’s evolving policies.

Samantha Dee
by Samantha Dee


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