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Tubi Broadens News Streaming Offering

Tubi’s acquisition by Fox last year meant major moves for both of them. Tubi rolled out a live news offering last fall with 80 stations, and recently announced that new stations will be rolling out this week. Now, Tubi’s local news stations will cover 24 of the top 25 markets across the US (58 markets in total). This news is especially meaningful in the world of political advertising. With more people moving to streaming for good and increased coverage of high-quality content with civically engaged users, our advertising will have a higher chance of being retained and making an impact on voters. Fox Corp. is well aware of this asset and how adaptability is increasingly important when the landscape of linear and digital are ever-changing. Tubi boasts 33 million monthly active users, with 50% of them not having pay-TV. This further shows how streaming, specifically ad supported, continues to grow and where advertisers might be able to find the elusive ‘cord cutters.’

From Deadline

Nearly half of Tubi’s 33 million monthly active users do not have pay-TV subscriptions, according to Fox.

In fact, I believe Tubi is an investment in what we internally call the ‘broadening of broadcast,’ meaning the Fox Network and Tubi combining seamlessly to create a modern, network-inspired business.”

Paige Severson
by Paige Severson


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