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Time spent streaming has soared as people across the US shelter-in-place. A recent Nielsen analysis showed that streaming TV content is up 85% year over year for the first three weeks of March and continues to climb even higher. Streaming services are increasingly taking up more time spent on the big screen, reaching 23% of total time spent on TVs the week of March 16th compared with 16% the same week last year. Streaming is still dominated by Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon, but the “Other” category that includes free ad-supported streaming services such as Pluto and Tubi along with the newer service Disney+ has also seen extensive growth. This category has generated the most increase with 31% of the total time spent streaming, up 3 percentage points in the last 4 weeks. With the observed increase in streaming minutes over the last 4 weeks and continued time at home, it’s likely that these figures will continue on this trend. 

From Variety

And during the week of March 16, consumers watched about 156.1 billion minutes of streaming content on TV, up 22% from the week prior, and 2.2 times the comparable week the year prior

Note that Nielsen is reporting just streaming to TVs: The analysis doesn’t measure mobile or PC video streaming, so the total amount of online video U.S. consumers are watching is even higher.

Paige Severson
by Paige Severson


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