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Solutions for the Cookieless Future

While the industry still has a long way to go before adopting a fully cookieless future, Alternative Identity Providers (AIPs) ability to function at scale provides advertisers with a solution to substandard identity resolution.

AdExchanger explains AIPs as follows: “They take user opt-in data in conjunction with some form of PII (personally identifiable information, like an email address) and create an anonymized ID for a first-party registered user.” Advertisers and brands alike have already been using these AIPs from The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, and ID5. Although there are still some challenges using AIPs, such as fragmentation of solutions, the benefit for both Advertisers and Publishers is reassuring for the inevitable cookieless future.

From AdExchanger:

The future is bright for our industry. This we all know. And despite cookie deprecation and new privacy laws, there’s no doubt that our resilient industry will unquestionably arrive, as it always does, in a better place. A place where consumers — and their privacy — come first.

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Jake Morris
by Jake Morris


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