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Reaching Young Voters on Connected TV

eMarketer analyst talks about why political advertisers are honing in on connected TV to reach young voters.

Via eMarketer Podcast:

Recent research on Gen Xennials (18 – 29 y.o.) views on advertising on connected TV differs from traditional TV ads. 

How do these young consumers feel about connected TV advertising?

  • 6/10 do not mind watching ads on connected TV because feel they are less intrusive to traditional TV ads
  • 7/10 prefer ads with video
  • 4/10 will watch videos from political organizations to learn more about candidates

eMarketer suspects connected TV ads are more targeted and therefore less annoying to viewers — leading viewers to watch the ad. Viewers are 44% less likely to switch the channel if the ad is more targeted to them.

90% of Gen Xennials plan to vote this presidential election. To reach these young voters political advertisers need to target connected TV with video ads.

Alexi Melssen
by Alexi Melssen


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