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New AI on the Block

AI has saturated headlines and conversations of 2023, and the news has not seemed to slow down about this technology. Yesterday, Google announced its more sophisticated large language model called PaLM 2, which will be used in over a dozen new Google products and features, Axios reports

AI has been around for years, and is heavily integrated into digital advertising and digital platforms. AI is already used in many ways from optimizing creatives to finding those likely to click/convert to crawling websites for contextual targeting and much more. The “new” AI that has permeated the news is called generative AI, which IBM defines as “deep-learning models that can generate high-quality text, images, and other content based on the data they were trained on.” Essentially, this AI can generate new content that is human-like.  

Google’s unveiling of PaLM 2 included a demo of how generative AI will be added into Google search results including, “integrated videos, pictures and web links into chat-style results.” Ads are also slated to be included in these generative AI search results, although Google is still coming up with how that will look. Marketers everywhere are sitting on the edge of their seat with how this will affect the massive search advertising vertical.

Bard, Google’s chatbot, will be releasing new features including returning images and videos in chats, creating images from text requests, as well as allowing users to be able to use an image as part of a prompt in the coming months. 

Google also plans to add its generative AI power to many of its other products such as Gmail, Google sheets, Google Photos, and Google Cloud, and it will likely not stop there. Google is also thinking about safety and how to be responsible with AI technology, addressing that their generated images would contain a label that they are AI generated. With these huge technology shifts, regulation usually follows. 

It’s hard not to feel like, as marketers, we’re on the cusp of a massive shift in digital advertising as we know it. But, marketers are used to these paradigm shifts as technology advancements and the following regulations happen year over year.

Paige Severson
by Paige Severson


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