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How Political Campaigns Can Benefit from ChatGPT

With ChatGPT dominating tech headlines lately, campaigns have been experimenting with different ways to channel the power of AI.  Many of the use cases that come to mind for digital campaigning are copywriting tasks such as:

  • Cutting down ad copy 
  • Writing fundraising emails
  • Summarizing messaging documents
  • Brainstorming persuasive arguments for ad content
  • Social media text 
  • Suggesting SEO keywords and metadata

In testing these various different use cases, the content that ChatGPT outputs is not quite ready for primetime, often confusing and blending campaign messages with one another. 

With that being said, the speed and relative accuracy at which ChatGPT provides a workable response was surprising. Its quickness in providing a jumping-off point for content can be an invaluable tool in getting over the hump of writer’s block.

Our advice?  Use ChatGPT as a starting point for content, but don’t make any assumptions that ChatGPT’s deliverables will be ready for a campaign to use. The moral of the story is ChatGPT won’t be replacing digital campaigners’ jobs (for now).

Jere Ford
by Jere Ford


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