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Dual Subscriptions on the Downslide

A new report from TGD, a division of Screen Engine/ASI, shows that fewer households are choosing to subscribe to both traditional and virtual TV services, with dual subscriptions dropping from 37% to 23% since 2018, with many forgoing traditional TV subscriptions altogether.

Dual service usage was at its peak in 2018, primarily due to digital vMVPD platforms not offering access to the Big 4 Networks; ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. With newer services, like Hulu TV and YouTube TV, entering the market, the need for two subscriptions is sharply declining. As more OTT pay-TV services provide competitive alternatives to broadcast and cable, this trend will likely continue. 

From Next TV

In 2018, TDG predicted that the 37% of dual-subscribers would decline to 10% by 2022, and believe that the latest data still supports that trajectory.

Most OTT pay-TV services now provide a full complement of both broadcast and cable channels, meaning they are more capable of competing head-to-head with ‘fat’ legacy offerings,” said Michael Greeson, co-founder and president of TDG.

Katie Castigliola
by Katie Castigliola


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