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CTV Begins to Take Center Stage Amongst Political Ad Campaigns

As many voters begin to cut the cord, political advertisers have to be quick on their feet, finding them wherever they consume media. Connected TV consumption has exploded over the last year and has continued to show strong growth. For this reason, political advertisers have shifted focus and budget to the ever-changing landscape of CTV. A recent study by Centro, “finds that political ad spend on CTV by political campaigns outpaced overall CTV growth across the industry by more than three times. The data, which shows programmatic buying (automatic digital ad placement), points to how much campaigns are beginning to rely on CTV to reach voters.” 

CTV has become a crucial aspect of the media mix for campaigns reaching voters, and this study shows how important it has become and will be in the future. Centro estimates that by 2022, CTV budgets could make up almost half of digital ad spend for political campaigns. The opportunities for reach, targeting, and message customization make this news very exciting for the future of political digital advertising. 

From Axios:

As traditional TV consumption wanes due to cord-cutting, political advertisers are shifting more of their budgets towards CTV ads, in part because they can no longer reach as many voters on traditional television.

As more political ads are bought on connected TVs, more messages will be targeted much more narrowly to people based on their interests, purchasing behavior, etc. — just as they are online.

Paige Severson
by Paige Severson


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